What Urns Are Acceptable for Burial?

By: Madison Funeral Home
Monday, June 13, 2022

While more people opt for cremation over burial, the dilemma of what to do with the cremains persists, but cremation services in Inglewood, TN make things easier. Burying the ashes is becoming a more common option, as it offers the best of both worlds: a traditional burial service and cremation. As a result of this tendency, cemeteries provide burial plots, particularly for cremated remains. These plots are cheaper and smaller than standard burial sites. There are various considerations and decisions if you or a loved one wishes to be buried traditionally. Not all materials are acceptable for burial in the open air. We'll take a deep look at the many resources available to you in this guide.

Materials for Urns That Can Be Used Outside 

The sort of urn material you select should match the type of burial you've chosen. Urns made of metal and urns made of cultivated materials are appropriate for burial. Granite, marble, onyx, or bespoke mixtures of resin and filler are examples of cultured materials that have the strength to survive the subsurface forces that can create physical stress on the urn over time. 

Urns made of cultured materials and metal can also be used for burials in memorial gardens or other outdoor locations other than cemeteries. Bronze and brass may rust and develop a green patina over time, although both metals are extremely corrosion resistant. Urns are also available in aluminum or stainless steel, which are less expensive but just as durable as more costly urns. Memorial benches, boulders, and trees are viable alternatives to funeral urns. 

Some cemeteries may require you to purchase a burial vault to hold your urn for added support and to guarantee the earth around the urn is structurally sound. Urn vaults, like burial vaults, support the soil and keep the urn from collapsing under the weight of the soil above. An urn vault will help preserve the urn from the elements' dampness and weathering. 

Materials for Columbaria Urns 

Another fantastic approach to providing a spot for family members and future generations to visit is to store your loved one's urn in a columbarium. A columbarium can be above ground, eliminating the requirement for an urn vault. Friends and family can visit the departed without intruding on the bereaved because columbaria are usually located in public settings. The most common materials used to create columbarium urns are ceramic and glass. Glass urns are pretty attractive and come in various colors, patterns, and shapes. 


The most common material used to create burial urns is ceramic. Smooth surfaces with creative decorations are joined on ceramic urns. Ceramics and glass are fragile, but wood may be a welcome alternative for those who want a green burial. Wooden urns are frequently displayed at home or in cemeteries. When maintained in a dry climate, wood urns may develop cracks because wood shrinks as it dries.

Other types of wood can be utilized in an environmentally friendly burial. Biodegradable woods do not harm the ecosystem. Suppose you have any questions about urn materials or want to learn more about cremation services in Inglewood, TN. Please call us to talk with one of our customer service specialists or visit our facilities now for any pre-planning need.

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