Amazing Facts About Cremation and Remains

By: Madison Funeral Home
Monday, July 25, 2022

Yes, many people don't know about the advantages of cremation. On the other hand, many are of the opinion that cremation, in comparison to burial, appears to be a choice that can be carried out. Despite this, it is not the option that is selected by default. However, if you need help with the cremation of a deceased loved one, cremation services in Hermitage, TN are available to offer their expertise. 

Cremation is an Ancient Method of Body Disposition 

Many people might dispute this fact, but it is very accurate. Although cremation has been around for a long time, its popularity has grown. The only thing that is different about how cremation is performed now compared to how it was done in ancient times is that it has undergone significant changes. 

To a Significant Extent, Japan is the World's Leading Country in Cremations 

According to statistics, Japan cremates their dead up to 99.9%. This is the highest percentage globally as no other country cremates their dead to this extent. Practical considerations are the driving force behind the widespread use of cremation in Japan. Because of Japan's lack of burial space, cremation has become more popular than burial in the country's history. 

Not Only Humans Can Be Cremated 

This may be an apparent reality, yet many people believe that cremations are only performed on humans. Another type of cremation that is relatively common is the cremation of pets. Like human remains, a pet's ashes can be kept in an urn on your property, transformed into diamonds, and used for various purposes. 

There Can Be Funerals Even if Someone Is Cremated 

It's critical to dispel the myth that cremation robs people's right to a funeral service. As a result of the common association between burials and funerals, many people believe that you are forgoing a conventional service by choosing cremation. This can't be. You can still have a traditional funeral even if you cremate the body of your loved one. 

Cremation is Rapidly Replacing Burials 

The belief that individuals would always prefer to bury their deceased loved ones as their primary method of body disposal is rapidly becoming outdated. The practice of cremation is quickly gaining popularity while at the same time taking the place of burial. Reasons for these are not entirely out of the question. The high expense of burial stands as the primary contributing factor here. Cremation is typically less expensive than burial when all other considerations are considered. 

Alterations in people's religious perspectives are another significant factor contributing to the meteoric rise in cremation rates. For example, cremation was strictly forbidden in the Catholic religion. The Vatican has shown a greater willingness to show tolerance on this subject. Because of this, Catholics now feel more at ease with cremating departed loved ones. 

Some Objects Cannot Be Cremated 

The funeral director removes particular objects from the deceased before cremation to avoid explosion or melting. For instance, where the deceased has undergone surgery, things like the peacemaker is removed from the deceased's body. Pieces of jewelry are also removed from the body. 

These and many more are facts people do not know about cremation. If you need help with the preplanning cremation of a deceased loved one, cremation services in Hermitage, TN are available to offer their expertise. Visit our facilities.

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