Urns, Symbols, And Meanings

By: Madison Funeral Home
Monday, August 8, 2022

When it comes to finding a specific place for your loved one's ashes, the art displayed on the urns can be helpful. Cremation services in Goodlettsville, TN are here to assist with selecting the best. We can assist you with analyzing the symbolic meanings of urns if you need it. We'll go through three different urns here: butterfly, angel, and lily urns. 


The butterfly has long been regarded as a symbol of the human spirit and immortality in many civilizations worldwide. In ancient Greece, for example, the word "psyche" was used to describe both the butterfly and the soul. With their transitory beauty, it's no surprise that white butterflies were thought to be the souls of children in many European societies. 

In Japanese mythology, the butterfly represents the soul of someone who is alive or has passed away. When a butterfly remained on the back of a bamboo screen, it was thought to be a sure sign that the person you cared about would arrive soon. 

A Japanese folktale tells about a young man who discovered his family's garden had been visited by two butterflies, which he realized were his parents' spirits, committed to both their garden and each other. 

The butterfly's growth from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly is frequently utilized in Christian art as the metaphor for life, death, and resurrection — not just of Jesus but all humanity. As a result, the butterfly symbolizes the soul's immortality, implying that death is only a stop before a new and better life begins. 

For many of us, though, the butterfly is just a sign that summer is approaching, with its brilliant wings and slowly swooping flight reminding us of the ease and joy of the summer months. As a result, a butterfly urn is a lovely monument to a loved one who spreads happiness wherever they go. 


The word "angel" comes from the Greek word "ángelos," which means "messenger." In most religions that contain angels, their purpose is to carry messages from God to people, frequently with instruction and comfort. They are frequently depicted on headstones, urns, and other memorial art as symbolic guardians, protecting the fallen souls and leading them to heaven. 

Angels of various sorts have diverse meanings. Cherubim, who are pictured as winged youngsters themselves, are frequently chosen to guard the graves of babies and children. An angel with a horn in Christian art is most likely Gabriel, with the horn itself symbolizing the resurrection. According to Catholic belief, Michael, the angel who escorts departed souls to paradise, is likely to be seen with a sword or shield. 


White lilies are likely to come to mind when you think of a funeral flower bouquet. This typically fragrant and gorgeous flower symbolizes purity beyond all else in Christian art and the Victorian language of flowers. In the context of grief, the purity of the lily might represent putting earthly cares aside and turning to the holy and spiritual. 

Diverse species of lilies, like angels, can have different meanings. For instance, the lily of the valley was used in Victorian bouquets to symbolize "the return of happiness." The white Madonna lily symbolizes purity and the Virgin Mary in Catholic belief. The goddess Hera, guardian of women, family, and marriage, is thought to have given birth to the calla lily, whose name means "beautiful" in Greek. 

The peace flower, frequently offered as a grief gift, represents calm and tranquillity. Because of its plain white blossoms, it's also known as a "white flag plant." These fragile blossoms sprout from the dark, glossy foliage like little surrender flags. 

Whichever one you decide is best About cremation services in Goodlettsville, TN offer their help with whatever services you choose. Check our testimonials.

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