Do Religions Allow Cremation?

By: Madison Funeral Home
Monday, April 25, 2022

Even if most of us prefer not to consider our eventual demise, it is a fact that we will depart this earth and all of our earthly things one day. Cremation services in Old Hickory, TN are always ready to help with the decision making. Funeral rites differ from country to country, but religion is crucial in administering the last rites. The practice of Cremation has grown during the previous few decades. On the other hand, Cremation is ultimately up to you and your loved ones to determine what to do with them. 

Do All Religions Allow Cremation? 

Although Cremation of a body after death is more frequent than ever, Cremation is strictly prohibited in certain cultures and religions. Others have more lenient restrictions that don't outright prohibit Cremation but strongly discourage it. Let's look at which religions allow for the Cremation of their deceased and why they do so. 

Cremation and Judaism 

For thousands of years, Jewish law has said that the only permissible choice for the Jewish faith is a burial in the ground. Even though traditional Judaism still opposes Cremation, Reform Judaism has begun to accept the practice more openly. Today, most Reform Jewish cemeteries will allow cremated remains to be interred in Jewish cemeteries. 

Cremation and Islam 

Cremation is seen as an unclean practice in Islam. Muslims are prohibited from participating in the act of Cremation, including observing it or expressing agreement for it. 

Cremation and Mormons 

Mormons have some unusual ideas regarding the human body. Unlike other Christians, LDS members believe that the body and soul are intricately linked. As a result, they should normally avoid Cremation unless it is compelled by law. On the other hand, Cremation is not forbidden in Mormonism as it is not considered a barrier to resurrection. 

Cremation and Buddhism 

Buddhism is a set of practices and teachings centered on the life of Siddhartha Gautama, also known as the Buddha, who lived about 2,500 years ago in India. Buddhism isn't a religion because it doesn't need you to believe in a creator god or any god. Buddhists are not obligated to follow a set of funeral rites; many Buddhists choose Cremation because the Buddha was cremated, although burial is also an option. 

Cremation and Hinduism 

The Hindu viewpoint on the body and soul is that the soul is pure by nature, but it needs a body to exist in. The body is susceptible to wants and attachments that bind it to the mortal realm. When a person dies, their soul leaves one body and enters another, a process that repeats itself until the soul is purified and achieves "Mukti," or oneness with the Source. This is known as reincarnation, and it is the basis for Hinduism's tight ties to Cremation. 

Suppose you or a loved one are thinking about cremation ceremonies. In that case, we at cremation services in Old Hickory, TN recommend that you think about your personal feelings, talk to your religious leader about your alternatives so that you can personalized, and decide best for you and your family if you need further help our staff is ready to help.

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