How To Plan A Low-Cost Cremation Service

By: Madison Funeral Home
Monday, May 9, 2022

Cremation costs have been progressively rising for several years, leaving many bereaved families unable to afford it. Experts at cremation services in Hermitage, TN are always ready to help plan a budget cremation service for your deceased. There is, however, a low-cost, no-frills option available to meet the growing need for a cheap alternative to traditional funeral services and cremation. Direct cremation is the most cost-effective method of cremation. The cremation fee will be lower because it is the simplest cremation. However, you can still hold a funeral service and save money. 

Discard The Funeral Director 

Have you ever wondered, "Can I organize my own cremation?" Although it is not necessary by law to engage a funeral director, you will need to think about body storage, purchasing a suitable coffin, placing the deceased in the casket, transporting the body, and completing the legally required documentation. 

Consider Your Tastes and Requirements 

It is essential to think about your requirements and tastes. The cremation services and types of memorial services are more possibilities than ever before. There is no wrong or right way to say farewell; it is solely a matter of taste. Consider your own beliefs as well as those of your family. Choose the option that best fits your ideas. 

Consider a Funeral Plan That Focuses On Cremation 

A cremation-only funeral plan is an approach to arrange ahead of time for your funeral. Your basic cremation plan will involve all of the necessary services for direct cremation, and the cost will be set at the time you purchase the program. A cremation-only funeral plan involves the costs of the essentials and also allows your family to choose the farewell that best meets their timeframes, emotional requirements, and budget. 

Make Your Wishes For Your Funeral Known 

We're all familiar with death, and most of us have had some experience with it. A dialogue about your wishes is valuable, and it's much easier when talking about how you'd like to be remembered and celebrated for your experiences, beliefs, hobbies, and connections. You can also set detailed funeral choices for what to do with your ashes to enable your loved ones to carry out your desires after you've passed away. Consider the following options for a more traditional funeral service: 

Where do you want your funeral to be held? Who do you like to invite? What do you want to wear? Who should speak? What music should be played? Who should be the pallbearers? It would aid your loved ones during their time of mourning if you make these selections ahead of time and inform everyone of your preferences. 

Make Use Of Low-Cost Urns 

Is it feasible to have your ashes scattered without an urn? Yes, but it's rare. There are environmentally friendly, sustainably sourced urns available if you're concerned about the sustainability of a hardwood urn. Remember, you can say "No" to an expensive urn. Pure cremation employs a simple, unprocessed pine design from sustainably managed forests. With all these and with the help of cremation services in Hermitage, TN, you can make happen your cost-effective cremation service and honoring life. We're here to help.

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