Different Types of Funerals

By: Madison Funeral Home
Monday, June 6, 2022

A funeral is a method to acknowledge, celebrate, and honor a loved one's life while allowing family and friends to say their final goodbyes. Funeral homes in Inglewood, TN help make things easier. It entails several commonplace practices that vary greatly depending on the deceased's faith, culture, and individual preferences. 

What Are the Many Kinds of Funerals? 

What happens at a funeral is often determined by faith and customs. There are a variety of funeral services to consider: 

●      Funerals in the traditional sense 

●      Committal or graveside funeral service 

●      Burial in the open 

●      Cremation on the spot   

What Exactly Does A Burial Entail? 

After the main funeral ritual, the casket is lowered into the grave for burial. Mourners attend this brief ritual, which may include prayers and music that reflect the deceased's religious views. 

Direct Cremation (No Funeral At All) 

The terms "direct cremation" and "simple cremation" refer to a funeral service that does not include ceremonies or rituals. It is a cost-effective and straightforward method of cremation. The only formality completed is achieving the necessary legal documentation. 

Ceremony of Ashes Scattering 

You may wish to consider a meaningful method to honor your loved one's ashes once you receive their remains. Even though this is a natural part of the grieving process, you can still use your imagination to create a lasting tribute. You can do various exciting things with the ashes, including a special ceremony to honor them. 

Funerals for Christians 

The church's ideas regarding death have a significant influence on Christian funerals. According to religious funeral etiquette, they follow a prescribed structure of rituals and services. The ritual begins with reading psalms from the Bible and personal lessons a week after death. Following that, Christian funeral songs, prayers, and a minute of silence in commemoration of the deceased are performed. Before burying the body, the Christian funeral concludes with a funeral liturgy of committal done at the graveside. 

Funerals for Atheists 

Atheist funerals are becoming more popular as many adopt new philosophical life ideas. These funerals are not religious, yet they are nevertheless a method to commemorate the life of someone who has died. They celebrate the deceased's most memorable memories. Loved ones can share memories and anecdotes. Music and readings are also prevalent, as they give hope to the bereaved family at their terrible time. 

Humanist Observances 

Humanist and non-religious services are becoming more common, similar to atheist funerals. They stick to a fixed structure that isn't limited by a script or rituals. It's critical to select a trained humanist funeral celebrant who can host the funeral ceremony and conduct the services you choose. 

Life's Celebrations 

A celebration of life is a memorial gathering that focuses on the positive aspects of a person's life instead of a funeral, which is a more solemn affair. You can select how to celebrate life significantly for the departed since many traditions allow mourning and joy. 

You will not only save money on ever-increasing funeral costs, but you will also spare your family more pain and stress when the time comes. Furthermore, funeral homes in Inglewood, TN make these choices easier in honoring life. Reach out to us.

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