You Deserve Peace of Mind: Funeral and Cremation Care in Inglewood, TN

Inglewood TN Funeral Home And CremationsWhen working with a reputable funeral provider, it’s possible to maintain the peace of mind you deserve during this challenging time. Too often, families are overwhelmed because of the endless list of decisions that need to be made for funeral and cremation in Inglewood, TN. The good news is that our team can assist through every stage, helping to reduce your stress and optimize the outcome.

As you are preparing for an upcoming funeral, we encourage you to contact us at Madison Funeral Home. Call as soon as possible so you can enlist the help of a knowledgeable provider. Our full-service solutions are designed to support your family through everything you face right now.

Grief and Funeral Planning in Inglewood, TN

One reason why funeral planning can be challenging is because of the grief you are experiencing while making these important decisions. It’s normal to feel these big emotions when losing someone that you love.

Even when the family has advanced notice that they are going to say goodbye, it’s still hard to face the decisions for the final services. As these emotions come up, rest assured that our team is here to assist you through all stages of the funeral planning process. We offer the highest levels of respect and care to ensure you have the support that you need through it all.

You might be considering a simple burial or direct cremation – skipping the process of holding a funeral or memorial. But many grief counselors agree that funeral attendance is an essential step in processing the experience. In fact, family and friends start to find closure in their grief when attending a service.

Instead of skipping funeral services, consider holding an alternative event if the traditions aren’t a good fit for your family. For example, you might hold a celebration of life instead of a chapel funeral, with dancing, music, and food. Or, a small ceremony while scattering the ashes can be a form of closure for some people.

Burial or Cremation: What’s the Best Choice?

When you are working with our team at Madison Funeral Home, we’ll help you compare the pros and cons of traditional burial and cremation. Keep in mind that these services only affect the way a loved one is laid to rest. You can always plan an event along with the burial or cremation.

You’ll need to compare caskets and select a headstone design if you decide on a cemetery burial. Other details also must be considered, such as whether you want to have a graveside service and where the person should be laid to rest. It’s common for families to choose local cemeteries so they can visit regularly.

On the other hand, cremation opens up different options if traditional burial isn’t a good fit for you. With cremation, you receive the ashes in a container or urn of your choice. Our team offers different styles and designs for urns, giving you the opportunity to select the perfect colors and features. Urns can be buried in a family plot at the cemetery. Or, you might prefer a memorial urn that is kept at home so you can see it every day.

Some families skip the urn and choose to scatter the ashes. With this process, you can pick an outdoor location that is special to your loved one then let the ashes distribute over the water or through the air.

Traditional and Modern Funeral Planning

At Madison Funeral Home, we have experience with traditional and modern funeral services, giving you full-service options for any type of event. Reach out to us when you need information about local funeral and cremation in Inglewood, TN.

Traditional events often include the main services that are familiar to most families: cemetery burial, funeral services in a chapel, visitations, a graveside service, and more. The services are typically formal or semi-formal, with a serious, reflective feeling for everyone in attendance.

On the other hand, modern funeral services might be a little different than what people expect. A life celebration is an example of a contemporary event, with fun music and other activities. The goal of this type of event is to honor and celebrate the life of the loved one. If the weather is cooperative, these services might be held at a local event venue or outdoors.

Call for a Funeral Planning Consultation

When you are ready to learn about your options, then it’s time to talk to us about funeral and cremation in Inglewood, TN. We are just a phone call away, with services to assist in last-minute planning and preplanning. You can visit Madison Funeral Home at 219 E Old Hickory Blvd, Madison, TN 37115 to see the beautiful funeral home and available facilities. Call any time at (615) 868-9020 when you would like to schedule a consultation with a funeral director.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

  1. ​Are Cremation Ashes Just Bones?
    • No, cremation ashes are not just bones. In fact, the human body is about 70% water. After the body is cremated, the resulting ashes will be about 5% to 8% bones. The rest of the ashes are made up of other tissues and organs, such as skin, fat, and muscle. Here are some things you need to know for legal help.
  2. What Happens to the Coffin/Casket During Cremation?
    • Funeral directors have a variety of ways to deal with the coffin during cremation. Some will break it down with a gas-powered saw, others will use a hydraulic arm to press it into the furnace. Usually, it will be burned along with the body during the cremation service. In some cases, the deceased's loved ones will take the coffin home with them as a keepsake.
  3. Who does Cremation near Inglewood, Tennessee?
    • Many funeral homes offer cremation services in Inglewood, TN. One of them is Madison funeral home which offers compassionate and dignified funeral and cremation services. We also offer convenient funeral pre-planning, so you won’t have to worry about the future.