Family Care for Funeral and Cremation Services in Madison, TN

Madison TN Funeral Home And CremationsSelecting a full-service funeral home is the first decision of many that you need to address for funeral and cremation planning in Madison, TN. As you are getting started on the journey of honoring a loved one, it’s essential to have a knowledgeable funeral director by your side. There are many details to navigate this process, and you can lean on the expertise offered by an experienced funeral planning team.

At Madison Funeral Home, we specialize in custom care for families from all walks of life. Our staff dedicates the time and attention you need to honor your requests and desires during this challenging time. So when you choose Madison Funeral Home, have confidence knowing that you are receiving the best level of funeral planning care available in the area.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer a large, traditional funeral or if you are looking for something simple. We are always here to help. When you want to get started, then simply pick up the phone to call us for a consultation.

Picking a Funeral and Cremation Provider in Madison, TN

Not only do you need to consider the specific services you prefer for a funeral event, but it’s also important to be sure you are working with a reputable and trustworthy funeral provider. Your family deserves undivided attention and top-notch care during this time, so it’s essential that you consider the quality of the funeral home you are choosing.

Our team at Madison Funeral Home takes the time to help you learn more about available options. We know that family education gives you the information and knowledge to choose the ideal services for your needs. You are welcome to ask questions and compare different funeral packages to ensure the day turns out just as you imagine.

One approach is to select a funeral package then add on extra services if desired. We’ve designed these funeral packages to include all of the services that most families are looking for. Additionally, our team can help with anything else you need for funerals or cremations, including the selection of caskets, urns, keepsake items, and more.

Funerals, Memorials, and Visitations: What You Need to Know

There are different types of events you can include in your funeral and cremation plan in Madison, TN. What is the right service for you? Many people use the terms “funerals” and “memorials” interchangeably, but there is actually a difference in the type of service you choose to host.

Both funerals and memorials involve family and friends gathering to honor a loved one. It’s common for these services to be hosted in a chapel, such as a church or a funeral home. Additionally, there is often a presentation, such as people speaking and music.

The notable difference between memorials and funerals is in the timing of these services. For example, funerals typically include the presence of the deceased in a casket. So, a funeral often happens before burial or cremation occurs. On the other hand, memorials don’t have the presence of the casket so that a memorial can take place at any time.

Why would a family choose a memorial as an alternative to a funeral? There are various reasons that might affect this decision. For example, a memorial can be held after cremation is complete or after a direct burial happens. This allows the family to take care of the remains right away then coordinate the event details later.

A delayed memorial might be preferred so that the ashes can be scattered as part of the ceremony. Or, some people want to give their loved ones time to coordinate travel details so they can attend the event if they are coming from a distance.

Other Types of Funeral Services

Additionally, you might choose to host different types of services. Here are a few other options that can be planned as standalone services or paired with a different type of service:

  • Visitations: A time when friends and family meet to offer their condolences to the immediate family. This event is usually open-house style. It might include an open-casket viewing.
  • Graveside Service: Some families want to have a short ceremony by the graveside before burial takes place.
  • Life Celebration: If a formal funeral doesn’t seem like the right fit, consider holding a life celebration where you can have a joyous event with music, activities, food, and more.

There are many options to honor the life of your loved one! As you consider the possibilities, reach out to our team at Madison Funeral Home for expert advice.

Talk to a Funeral Director

We are here to help when you need assistance with funeral and cremation in Madison, TN. Talk to a knowledgeable funeral director at Madison Funeral Home for more details. You’re always invited to tour our funeral home at 219 E Old Hickory Blvd, Madison, TN 37115. Call today: (615) 868-9020.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

  1. ​Is a Mortuary a Funeral Home?
    • Not all. Funeral homes are often also called mortuaries, but a mortuary can be any place where dead bodies are stored before a funeral. A funeral home is a business that provides funeral services.
  2. Do Funeral Homes Keep Dead Bodies?
    • Funeral homes do not keep dead bodies. The term "keep" usually refers to the act of storing or preserving something. Funeral homes merely provide a place for the body to rest until it is claimed by the family or until it is cremated or buried in a cemetery. They prepare the bodies for traditional burial or cremation.
  3. Can the Funeral Home Dispose of Ashes?
    • Yes. Funeral homes are licensed to dispose of human ashes. The law requires ashes to be buried, scattered, or cremated within a certain amount of time after death, so most funeral homes offer cremation services. Got more questions – you may visit our funeral FAQs.